Jordan Baseman: A Different Kind of Different | Art Monthly

A review of artist Jordan Baseman’s film ‘A Different Kind of Different’ (2021) published in Art Monthly issue no. 444: March 2021. The short video animation charts the psychological impact of breast cancer. Reflecting on the initial ordeal of loss, the film reveals a journey to acceptance via the liberation of mastectomy tattoos.


Excerpt: Baseman’s work frequently addresses subjects outside his lived experience. He is acutely aware of the potentially problematic nature of this, but at no point does A Different Kind of Different feel exploitative. His interview-based practice and method of creative non-fiction are founded on consent and a deep respect for his participants/collaborators. ‘These are not my stories to tell,’ he emphasised before each online screening, ‘I’ve been given gifts to pass on by people who want them to be shared.’ From these collaborators’ accounts he has created a highly sensitive artwork that raises complex issues and deserves wide attention.

Full article available at

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